If you have anything you'd like to ask, share or suggest, or if you'd like to include your personal site in our list of blogs, email Tara at or fill out the form below.

We encourage anyone to share anything that relates to your journey with a special needs child: a relevant essay, an encouraging thought, an enlightening song, an insightful poem, a fun activity idea, a resource that has helped you, a book review, a piece of equipment that you found useful, a cute craft, etc.

We are always growing, changing and adding more valuable information, so we would love to add anything that you find valuable for your special journey.  We want this site to be diverse and to appeal to all different types of people dealing with all different types of special needs, so even if you're not seeing something on this blog that relates to your unique situation, please.... share, share, share! We would like this blog to represent all of you.

We would especially LOVE if you would share your child's story. The kidz stories are such a wonderful part of this blog, as they get at the heart of the matter. If you have already written your child's story, feel free to email what you already have. If not, you can go here to get a list of questions that will help get you started. (This is a great thing to do for yourself, even if you don't plan on sharing the story with us.)

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