Apr 25, 2012


Grieving seems to come in waves. Sometimes we brace our selves and face it head on.

Other times we see it coming and try to run away.

Sometimes it gently laps at our feet letting us know it's still there.

And other times it washes over us completely.

We're learning to take it one wave at a time. 

Sometimes the ocean feels too deep and the waves too overwhelming.

However, it is usually after the biggest waves recede that treasures are revealed.

so we gather them up~


and tuck them in our hearts to help strengthen us for the next one. We know that even in those moments when we feel like we drowning, if we remember to look look up, the Savior will buoy us up. He will not leave us comfortless.

He reminds us those waves are filled with love.
The waves don't need to crush us, they can fill our hearts to overflowing-
Because when you love someone deeply you miss them deeply.
And that's not something to be afraid of.


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