Apr 7, 2009

Autism 151

In honor of Autism Awareness month, I'd like to share a site that was brought to my attention. The site is Autism151. According to their site, they are part of an inspiring campaign, "to pull our community together and offer a brighter, more positive view of autism... The Autism151 name comes from the fact that 1 out 150 kids is diagnosed with autism... Inspiration comes from knowing that every one of these children has a story to tell - a story that is often a lot more positive than negative."

The site has many inspiring videos already posted, and their goal is to have at least 150 videos posted by the end of April.

I know there are a lot of readers who have children with autism. It's my wish that each of you can join Autism 151's community of hope. I hope the rest of us can watch the inspiring videos and be uplifted by the unique perspective of autistic children and parents, and also be more aware of the disorder and more understanding of those who are dealing with it firsthand.

For more information about autism, go to faceautism.org.


Celine said...

Great link Tara,
Thank you!

Colleen said...

I will definitly go check it out and see if I can do a video. Thanks for the link.

Abby said...

Thank you! I will go check it out!

Nana said...

That is a great site!

The High Family said...

1 out 150 is eye opening...

Thanks Tara!


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