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Kidz Krew Favorite Special Needs Items


Support & Inspiration

Misc. Special Needs Resources

Therapy Options
Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation ~ ABR
Anat Baniel Method ~ ABM
Apex Behavior
Aquatic Therapy
Biomedical Intervention
Conductive Education
Craniosacral Therapy ~ CST
Cuevas Medek Exercise ~ CME
Dolphin Therapy
Early Intervention
Energy Field Treatment
Equine Therapy
Feeding Therapy
G Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ~ HBOT
Institutes for the Achievment of Human Potential ~ IAHP
Ketogenic Diet
The Listening Program
Masgutova Method
Neuro Suit Therapy
Occupational Therapy ~ OT
Parents With Purpose
Patterning Movement Therapy
Physical Therapy ~ PT
Polish Intensive PT
PROMPT Therapy Approach
Sensory Integration
Sensory Learning Therapy
Social Thinking Methodology
Speech Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
Vision Therapy
Weighted Blankets
Willbarger Brushing Protocol

Ability Found
Angel's Hands Foundation
Aubrey Rose Foundation
First Hand Foundation
Food Stamps
Insure Kids Now - CHIP
Jessica's Hope Chest
Modest Needs
The MORGAN Project
SSI Disability
UHC Children's Foundation



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