May 24, 2011

Not Acceptable R-Word PSA

This PSA aired only a few hours ago, and already it has undergone significant scrutiny. The criticisms I've heard/read include that the slurs used at the beginning are outdated and/or too offensive to even be used. However, I think that is exactly the point.... those words ARE offensive and that's WHY they became a thing of the past. That's exactly the message the special needs community is trying to send about the R-word. It is offensive. It is not acceptable. It HAS to become a thing of the past.

Have you had any experiences trying to spread the word that the "R" word is unacceptable? I've asked people I interact with to stop using it when when I've heard them say it (usually in reference to themselves). I try not to lecture or act offended, but explain that I know they didn't mean to offend and I understand that it's unfortunately a common saying. Then I go on to explain that since I've become Chloe's mom, I've come to understand what a cutting word that is and when used in jest, it is not funny but highly degrading. People always seem supportive and understanding when I bring it up, which is why it shocks me how often I hear them use it afterward. Do they forget? Do they think I'm being oversensitive? Do they just not care? Since I can't answer those questions definitively, I politely remind them again. And I will remind them again and again and again.... as many times as I have to. I may just send this video with a short personal message tomorrow, in another attempt to get the point across.

Share your experiences as well! And please continue to spread the word....



Beth at Odd Girl Out said...

oh, wow! i have a million stories. where do i begin? personally, i love this PSA. best one i've seen yet.

PletcherFamily said...

Though this PSA was fantastic!


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