Nov 22, 2010

Look Forward to the Future

Life isn't easy.

I don't think anyone ever claimed anything else. Did they? I mean, really, crazy is the man who says life is easy. But, it's also incredibly good, isn't it? I know there have been those who believe Samantha's story is tragic, that it's sad, that she is a trial in our life. I guess I understand why they think that, but I don't agree. She's not tragic. It's not sad (well, ok, sometimes it is). And she's all blessing. There are circumstances (because of her situation) that are trying, but she's in NO way a trial. She's beauty. She's kindness. She's generosity. She's forgiveness. She's love. She's a child of God -- right here in my home -- just the way she is. Because of her and all that she is, I am optimistic for the future. After all, if this
is as bad as it is pretty sweet...and I look forward to the future. Let us be real here: I'm in no way looking forward to some of the inevitable circumstances that will arise, that may bring sadness and pain that I will most surely experience due to, again, circumstances and situations that our out of my control. But, I am optimistic because I know that there's a loving God who knows more than I do. I am optimistic because (even if I didn't believe in a loving God), Samantha lights my world in ways I had never experienced before she was born. Because of her presence in my life ~
I have felt more pure
desire to improve
desire to relax (!)...
my priorities have realigned...
I have also
grown closer to family and friends
added amazing people to my circle of family and friends
...among other things.
So, yeah. Because life is pretty sweet, I can...or maybe choose to...look forward to the future with optimism. And it makes me smile.

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Heidi said...

Beautiful. You, Sammy, the whole enchilada.


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