Sep 14, 2013

Aquatic Therapy

If your life is anything like ours, you've spent plenty of hours involved in therapy.  Jackson has been involved in one form of therapy or another since birth.  It's part of our family's culture. 

This past summer, we stumbled across aquatic therapy and fell in love.  Jackson is quite used to a therapy gym, swings, balls, tubes, etc.  But... he hasn't spent a lot of time in a pool doing therapy.  The change has been great for him.  He is excited to go.  He enjoys himself while he is there, and most importantly, he has made great progress.

For our therapy sessions, we go through Mountain Land Physical Therapy.  Mountain Land books time at the Layton Surf and Swim Pool.  Mountain Land's trained therapist, Michelle, conducts the therapy sessions and she is wonderful with Jackson.  She quickly identified how and when to push him and how to help him stay motivated to work hard.  

Whether it is weights in the pool, using rings to work on flexibility, and coordination, or jumping the "waves" to help build muscle during the open swim sessions, aquatic therapy works for Jackson. 

Michelle, or fearless leader.

Jackson even worked on balance.  Who knew you could hit so many of his target areas in just one session.

Because Layton Surf and Swim is wheelchair accessible, aquatic therapy is a great option for those in wheelchairs.  Some of Michelle's clients before and after Jackson's session used chairs.  The water is a perfect way to stretch those tight muscles and to give little bodies the freedom to move. 

One other great perk is with regards to insurance billing.  For us, aquatic therapy was billed to our insurance as a form of physical therapy and made the therapy much more economical.

Whether it is at Layton Surf and Swim with Mountain Land or with a therapist at your local pool, we highly recommend you check it out.  I just wish I would have known about this therapy option years ago.  Therapy is once again, FUN!

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