Mar 30, 2010

Help Kidz Learn

I found this website through a couple other blogs I follow and just had to share it here.

This site has simple games, stories, and more. Most of which are accessible by a switch and all you need is a switch interface to play. Switch accessible software can be very pricey but it also can easily become boring if you don't have lots of different activities. So nice to find a site where Junior can enjoy the activities without the cost.

There are several different switch interfaces available. This is the one Junior uses to access his computer.

Click the picture to go to one of the sites that carries them. This type is very simple to use, you just plug it into a usb port on your computer and then plug you switch into one of the ports on the front any you are set. Though in the description it is considered a single switch interface we have used 2 switches with Junior's with no problem.

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